Civil Litigation

The attorneys and support staff at The Turner Law Firm work diligently to resolve disputes in an efficient and cost-effective manner.  This often includes demand letters, mediation, and/or arbitration. While it is our goal to ultimately settle cases in favor of our clients, when necessary our Firm is fully prepared to protect your rights in Court. Our civil litigation practice is focused on resolving potential or existing legal conflicts that have or are about to arise. Our law firm represents individuals, sole-proprietors, partnerships and small to medium-sized corporations.

The Turner Law Firm represents clients in a wide-variety of civil litigation legal matters:

  • Construction Disputes
  • Contract and Lease Disputes
  • Breach of Contract Disputes
  • Consumer Claims
  • Other Types of Consumer and Business-Related Disputes
Civil Litigation Phoenix AZ

A large percentage of legal disputes can be resolved through effective negotiations between the parties themselves. However, sometimes the issues in dispute are simply so large, complex or emotional, it may be wise to seek outside legal counsel. Working with an experienced attorney can often save individuals significant time and money, especially when prompt legal action is taken. Unresolved legal problems rarely get easier or cheaper to resolve with age.

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