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Civil Litigation Lawyers in Mesa, AZ — Working to Ensure Our Clients Reach Favorable Outcomes

No one wants to be involved in a legal dispute. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to avoid them. Disagreements over any number of things can lead to such disputes. These situations often involve the loss of money, but cases can also focus on injunctive relief and other remedies. If you’ve found yourself in need of legal assistance, a civil litigation lawyer in Mesa, AZ, may be able to help.

At The Turner Law Firm, our attorneys are highly experienced in demand letters, mediation, arbitration, and negotiations. These are often your first legal options when civil wrongs that cause losses or harm — also known as torts — occur in your life. However, it will sometimes be necessary to file a lawsuit in order to be made whole. Regardless of your circumstances, our Mesa civil litigation attorneys are here to help.

Should You File a Lawsuit to Be Made “Whole”?

Whether you feel you’ve had insurance claims wrongfully denied, had contractors not complete work, or had any other legal dispute, your first question is likely, “Should I file a lawsuit?” In reality, this isn’t the question you should be asking. Instead, ask, “Should I take legal action?” While the two questions may seem similar, the fact is that litigation is not the only option when you’ve been wronged.

When you speak with a Mesa or Phoenix civil litigation lawyer, they’ll often let you know your options outside of litigation. In many instances, your case can be handled through mediation, demand letters, negotiation, arbitration, or cease and desist notices. If these fail, an experienced legal professional can help you understand whether litigation is worth pursuing in your case.

Clearly, you want to be made whole after suffering a legal wrong. Unfortunately, the cost of litigation is sometimes more than the loss you suffered. If a construction contractor didn’t finish $1,000 worth of work, does spending $3,000 in litigation costs make sense? At The Turner Law Firm, we’ll help you understand all your options and use every strategy available to secure a favorable outcome for you.

What Civil Actions Does Our Law Firm Handle?

The legal profession is a wide and varied industry. Professionals within it can work in everything from personal injury to criminal law. Surprisingly, even those who focus solely on civil litigation can have significant differences in their caseloads. For instance, an attorney who handles professional malpractice cases may not work on contract disputes at all — even though they both qualify as civil litigation.

That’s why it’s so important to seek assistance from a law office with experience in your case type. At The Turner Law Firm, our attorneys frequently work in the following areas:

  • Construction disputes
  • Contract and lease disputes
  • Breach of contract disputes
  • Consumer claims
  • Other business and consumer disputes

If you’re involved in a legal dispute, don’t hesitate to contact our practice. Even if you don’t see your specific issue listed here, we may be able to help. And if your case isn’t something we typically handle, we can direct you to a law firm that can help. Our goal is to ensure justice is accessible to everyone. Contact us today to discuss your case and get the assistance you need.

How Can an Experienced Civil Litigation Attorney Help?

You likely wouldn’t hesitate to contact an attorney if you were going through a nasty divorce, criminal prosecution, or estate dispute. However, many people think they can forego legal representation during civil litigation. After all, do you really need a lawyer if a contract is clear and the other party didn’t live up to their end? What about in situations where negligence by a company caused obvious monetary losses?

In these situations, wouldn’t a judge clearly see things in your favor? Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. The party who wronged you could easily argue that you were the cause of the underlying legal issue. They may even say you didn’t live up to your end of the bargain. In some instances, they could even sue you in court. This is sometimes done as a preemptive move when litigation seems imminent.

A Mesa, AZ, civil litigation lawyer can help you with these issues. However, what if a case truly is “open and shut”? While there’s no real way to know this before the dispute is over, you could still benefit from legal assistance. That’s because the other party might try to drag out the matter by discovery delay tactics, requesting continuances, using procedural challenges, and appeals.

When this happens, a skilled legal professional can prove invaluable to moving things along.

Contact Our Civil Litigation Lawyers in Mesa, AZ Today

Civil litigation cases can be complex. This is why so many people involved in such disputes seek assistance from legal professionals. It’s often possible to avoid lengthy litigation, but when it’s not, it’s important that you’re ready to hold liable parties responsible in court. In either of these situations, having the personalized attention of an experienced attorney can prove invaluable.

Contact us today at The Turner Law Firm by calling 480-618-1221 to schedule a confidential consultation. Our civil litigation lawyers in Mesa, AZ, can help you decide the best path forward.