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Child Sexual Abuse Lawyers in Mesa, AZ — Fighting to Safeguard You and Your Children

We try everything in our power to safeguard our children from the dangers in the world. Unfortunately, sometimes, these dangers come from within. Many child sexual abuse survivors will tell you that it wasn’t a stranger who victimized them — it was a relative. If you believe your young loved one is being abused by a family member, you should reach out to a child sexual abuse lawyer in Mesa, AZ immediately.

At The Turner Law Firm, our Arizona family law attorneys have seen everything. It’s already stressful enough for youngsters to go through challenging issues like watching their parents’ divorce and custody battles. Unfortunately, it’s sometimes the case that a parent or guardian wants time with a child for wholly inappropriate reasons. It’s time to take action. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Do You Suspect Your Child Is Being Sexually Abused?

Many victims of sexual abuse do not report what’s happening to them. This is especially true for children. Sadly, reporting rates are likely even lower when it’s a family member engaged in abuse. It’s true in about one-third of all cases, the sexual offender is a relative. Such issues can be especially challenging when the abuser is a parent or other nuclear family member.

Since such inappropriate sexual contact often occurs in a home setting, your first action should be to remove the child from the situation. Unfortunately, this can be challenging if an abuser has custody of their child, court-approved visitation, or if the abuser lives in a home with the custodial parent. In any of these situations, you must contact the police. You should also reach out to Mesa or Phoenix sexual abuse lawyers.

An attorney can help you understand the legal process of protecting your child.

How Can a Family Law Firm Help Child Sexual Abuse Victims?

There are a variety of ways that a lawyer can assist when you suspect that abuse is occurring. For one, it’s possible to file a child sexual abuse lawsuit. Doing so can help victims of sexual abuse recover compensation for things like physical harm and emotional distress. More importantly, a legal professional can help you in the process of ending your child’s abuse.

The right approach will depend on the circumstances of your situation. If you’re going through a divorce or legal separation, they can ensure the court knows that child sex abuse is happening. This is also true during custodial battles. Additionally, don’t assume that a court order is the final word on a matter. If situations change or more evidence becomes available, a judge may reconsider a prior order.

Sexual abuse committed against a child can also be grounds for a protection order and emergency custody arrangements. In all these situations, a Mesa or Phoenix sexual abuse attorney can investigate allegations and assist you in all related court matters. And since sexual abuse cases can be emotionally exhausting and even lead to post-traumatic stress disorder, a lawyer can refer you to professionals who can help.

What if Sexual Activity Allegations Are False?

It’s an unfortunate truth, but not all accusations of sexual assault are true. There have been many cases where children and teenagers make up allegations for varying reasons. If you’re unsure whether allegations against a parent are truthful, it’s important that you err on the side of safety. Failing to report an incident that turns out to be true can leave child victims devastated and even affect your ability to gain custody.

Then again, it’s not always children who create false allegations. Estimates show that up to 35% of child sexual abuse accusations during divorce proceedings are false. This can happen when one parent tries to secure a better position in child custody battles. Regardless of the situation — whether you’re accused or are worried a relative may be a predator — you should contact our Mesa sexual abuse attorneys.

An experienced attorney may be able to discover whether there has been psychological pressure, coaching, or other nefarious acts involved. Still, it’s important to always remember that innocent children are involved. Take this situation seriously, no matter what.

Contact Our Child Sexual Abuse Lawyers in Mesa, AZ Today

Sexual assaults have lasting psychological effects. This is certainly true for adults, but the psychological trauma can be even worse when it happens to a child. Sadly, this is often amplified by the fact that the perpetrator of this child abuse is a family member. If you suspect your child has faced these horrific acts at the hands of a relative, a family law attorney can help you understand your legal rights.

Don’t waste time by assuming the courts will do what’s proper. Contact us today by calling 480-618-1221 to schedule your free consultation. Our child sexual abuse lawyers in Mesa, AZ are ready to advocate on behalf of you and your child.