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Power of Attorney Lawyers in Mesa

Helping You Protect Your Assets in the Event of Incapacitation

When managing your assets, you obviously trust yourself to make the right financial decisions. But in the event of extreme illness or injury, there is a chance that you may be unable to provide financial guidance or make decisions about your estate. Assigning a power of attorney document grants a loved one the right to make decisions on your behalf, ensuring that your assets do not fall by the wayside if you become ill or injured.

Similarly, you can grant a power of attorney to allow someone to make medical decisions for you. If you are unable to speak or make decisions for yourself, a medical power of attorney form grants your loved one the right to consent or decline medical procedures on your behalf. This document is compelling and can give loved ones peace of mind.

If you are creating your estate plan, adding a power of attorney, also called an attorney in fact, is a valid way to ensure that your assets remain under your control. At The Turner Law Firm PLLC, our team would be happy to review your estate and discuss whether assigning a power of attorney makes sense for your situation. For more information and to receive a consultation, call our office today at 623-253-8718.

What Kinds of Power of Attorney Are There?

When assigning powers of attorney, there are a few different options you can choose from. Picking the right kind is incredibly important and changes how your loved one can make decisions for you.
Below are the main kinds of power of attorney you can choose from:

General Power of Attorney

Under general power of attorney, the person of your choosing can make decisions about your finances, business operating transactions, and healthcare. This is the broadest type of power of attorney.

Medical Power of Attorney

A medical power of attorney is only allowed to act as a healthcare proxy. They can make health care decisions on your behalf if you are incapacitated, including consenting to medical treatments. However, they cannot make any financial decisions for you.

Durable Power of Attorney

A durable POA allows the agent to act on behalf of the principal in many matters, including financial and healthcare decisions. A durable power of attorney remains in effect if the principal is incapacitated but expires if the principal dies.

Financial Power of Attorney

A financial power of attorney grants the agent the limited power to make financial decisions. However, they cannot make any healthcare or medical decisions.

How Do You Choose a Power of Attorney?

Picking the right person to be your power of attorney can be overwhelming for many people. You can choose anyone to be your power of attorney as long as they are over 18, including a sibling, parent, grandparent, spouse, or friend.

When choosing an attorney in fact, look for the following factors:

  • A dependable person who will prioritize your needs
  • A person who is willing and able to serve as your attorney in fact
  • A person who knows and understands your intentions
  • A person who can act without undue influence from others
  • A person who can make difficult decisions in times of stress
  • A person without any conflicts of interest
  • A person with whom you have a close relationship
  • A person who lives close to you

We understand that choosing the right attorney in fact can be a difficult decision. If you are still deciding who to select and need guidance, our office can help. We will review your potential candidates and make suggestions based on your assets and your financial needs. For more information, call our office today.

What Are the Benefits of a Power of Attorney?

Creating an estate plan is crucial when protecting your assets after death. But in the event of your incapacitation, your assets may be in limbo, unable to help support your family if you are injured or sick. By assigning power of attorney, you allow someone in your life to make decisions on your behalf.

There are many benefits to assigning power of attorney, including the following:

  • Avoiding delays in making crucial medical decisions
  • Eliminating doubts about your intentions for your estate
  • Giving close family members peace of mind
  • Allowing you to disclose your wishes to a loved one

Can a Power of Attorney be Created in a Different State?

In some instances, you may have assigned power of attorney in a different state before relocating to Arizona. Fortunately, if a power of attorney was executed in a valid United States court, then the state of Arizona recognizes it as a valid power. However, the power of attorney document must be completely legal under state laws. If you created a power of attorney document elsewhere and would like to learn more, contact our law offices today for assistance.

How Can a Power of Attorney Lawyer Help Me?

Assigning power of attorney to a loved one is crucial to estate planning. If you ever become incapacitated and are unable to make decisions about your finances or healthcare wishes, your family members may find it difficult to guess what you might want them to do. Not only will a power of attorney give your family members peace of mind, but it allows your assets to be managed even if you are unable to do so.

Don’t leave your estate up to chance. While no one knows what the future holds, our team at The Turner Law Firm PLLC can help you be prepared for anything by creating a power of attorney for your estate. To learn more, contact us today by calling 623-253-8718.