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Estate Planning Lawyers in Glendale, AZ — Ensuring You Maintain Control of Important Decisions

If there’s one thing people don’t give enough thought to, it’s estate planning. Most folks don’t want to think about dying or becoming incapacitated. Unfortunately, foregoing this process or not occasionally updating your documents can significantly burden family members and take important decisions out of your hands. This is why you should speak with an estate planning lawyer in Glendale, AZ, today.

At The Turner Law Firm, our team of legal professionals can help you in the process of proper estate planning. Whether you want to transfer assets for Medicaid planning, provide financial support with conditions, or just create a simple will so you don’t have to worry — we’re here to help. Properly preparing for the future isn’t just for the wealthy; everyone should do this.

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Do You Need an Estate Plan in Arizona?

Many people wonder whether estate planning is something they need to worry about. This is common for individuals who believe they have little to leave behind. There are also those who believe that the Arizona probate process will handle everything for them. Unfortunately, such erroneous beliefs often leave important decisions in the wrong hands.

For instance, did you know that if you die without a will, state laws will dictate your beneficiaries? This could mean an estranged family member gets everything as your other loved ones are left with nothing. By having a will in place or creating a plan for trust administration, you may be able to avoid such outcomes. Of course, proper planning involves more than just decisions on a decedent’s estate.

For instance, what happens if you’re suddenly incapacitated? With advanced medical directives, you can make your wishes for important healthcare decisions known. With a power of attorney, you can also decide who controls your finances in these situations. Remember, this isn’t something that only matters if you have a medical condition. The unexpected can happen at any time.

For these reasons and so many more, you should contact the Glendale estate planning attorneys at The Turner Law Firm today.

How Can Estate Planning Attorneys Help You?

The estate planning process is broad and complex. In fact, it’s so varied that you’ll rarely find a law firm that handles all issues within this category. For instance, you may be hard-pressed to find a legal practice that provides digital estate planning in addition to Family Limited Partnerships (FLPs). This is why it’s important to research estate planning services in Glendale, AZ, before making a decision.

At The Turner Law Firm, our legal team consistently handles the following needs:

  •  Last will and testament
  • Trust administration
  • Irrevocable trusts
  • Pour-over wills
  • Living wills
  •  Financial and durable powers of attorney
  • Property transition documents
  • Pet trusts
  •  Special needs trusts
  • Adult guardianships and conservatorships

This list may seem relatively extensive, but it’s nowhere near exhaustive. Our experienced estate planning attorneys in Glendale offer many services, so don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance. If you need something we cannot assist with — a rare but potential possibility — we can point you in the direction of a reputable law firm that can help.

Whether you need the aforementioned or other estate planning documents, we’ll get you on the right track.

Can You File Estate Planning Documents on Your Own?

If we’ve done our job properly, you now understand the importance of wills, living trusts, and other estate planning documents. However, you’re likely wondering whether you need legal assistance. After all, there are plenty of do-it-yourself websites out there now. Can’t you utilize one of these? You could, but most legal professionals warn against this approach.

That’s because estate planning is too complex to leave to chance. There are specific requirements for every document in an estate plan. Failing to meet these can invalidate your decisions. For instance, did you know that witnesses are required for a traditional will in Arizona — but not for the exact same holographic will? Additionally, did you know it may be possible to avoid the probate process altogether?

No matter your estate plan objectives, having a legal professional on your side can prove invaluable. At The Turner Law Firm, we offer flat-fee rates for all estate planning popular services. Why not make sure you get things right from the start so you don’t have to worry about problems in the future? Contact us today to learn more.

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While many people believe that estate planning is merely preparation for when we’re gone, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In addition to simplifying the probate process and reducing your family’s tax burden after your death, proper planning can help you make important decisions while you’re still around. No one should determine important decisions for you, and with legal assistance, they won’t have to.

At Turner Law Firm, you’ll work with an experienced estate planning attorney in Glendale, AZ, who can help you achieve your goals. While this process can be pretty complex, having legal assistance can greatly simplify matters. Don’t risk waiting until it’s too late. Contact us today by calling 480-568-5590 for a confidential consultation. We offer flat-fee services, so you’ll get everything you need with zero surprises.