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No marriage starts with the expectation that it will someday end. Unfortunately, this is an all too common outcome. Divorce proceedings might be the right decision if your relationship can no longer survive. However, this is not typically a straightforward process. Even without the intense emotions often involved, this can quickly turn into one of the most complicated family law issues. That’s why having a divorce lawyer in Glendale, AZ, on your side is ideal.

At The Turner Law Firm, our team of legal professionals is committed to securing positive outcomes for our clients. Divorce in Glendale falls under Arizona law, so certain elements are common among all cases. However, there’s no such thing as “typical” divorce and family law issues. This is why you should speak with a legal professional to understand the best path forward. Contact our law firm today to schedule a confidential consultation.

How Complicated Is Divorce in Arizona?

In Arizona, the dissolution of marriage has the potential to be straightforward. That’s because we live in a no-fault divorce state. This means that Glendale family law lawyers can file for divorce on your behalf with no specific reason for divorce listed. However, that’s essentially where the “simple” nature of the process ends. Even in an uncontested divorce, a strict legal process must be followed. Mistakes along this path can be costly, time-consuming, and even force you to start completely over.

Of course, these matters only get more complicated with a contested divorce. Disagreements over community assets, debts, and properties can get downright ugly. And when children are involved, it’s not uncommon for emotions to run high and parties to engage in mudslinging. Even when both sides are trying to remain amicable, the existence of complex financial matters, division of pensions, complications with business ownership, hidden assets, and jurisdictional issues can prove problematic.

If you live in Maricopa County and hope to avoid many of these challenging family law issues, working with a Glendale, AZ, divorce attorney is likely in your best interest. Even if there was no agreement signed prior to the marriage regarding important issues (i.e., a prenuptial agreement), it’s possible to end a marriage without making things more challenging than necessary. Reach out to our law firm today to schedule your consultation.

What Family Law Issues Do Arizona Divorces Involve?

Family law problems are wide and varied. Unfortunately, many of the most complicated issues are frequently entangled in divorce. While these matters often involve intense emotions, reaching helpful and positive resolutions is possible if you’re committed to compromise. Even if you can’t come to an amicable solution with a former partner, though, it’s essential to understand what’s at stake so you can prepare for what’s to come.

Here are the biggest issues our Glendale divorce lawyers deal with in these cases:

Property Division

The division of community assets in Arizona has the potential to be a straightforward process. After all, we live in a community property state. This means that the courts will typically try to divide marital assets, debts, and property as fairly as possible. However, issues such as hidden assets, future earning discrepancies, marital agreements, and dissipation of assets can complicate matters.

Spousal Support

During a legal separation, divorce proceedings, or after a divorce is finalized, a judge may order one spouse to provide spousal maintenance to the other. These economic support payments are meant to minimize economic discrepancies between former partners. If your former spouse stayed home to care for the children or otherwise earned less than you, a judge will likely issue such an order for support.

Child Custody

In any Glendale divorce, child custody issues are often the most complicated. Both parents typically want what’s best for their children. Unfortunately, their opinion on what this constitutes can vary dramatically. A divorce lawyer in Arizona can help mediate an agreement between you and your former spouse. If an agreement is not possible, however, having a legal professional on your side can prove invaluable in court.

Child Support

If you were to ask a dozen divorce lawyers in Glendale, AZ, about the most straightforward issue in the dissolution of marriage, they might cite “child support” as their answer. Arizona typically requires non-custodial parents to make payments to custodial parents. However, it’s the responsibility of both parties to provide financial support. While this issue is theoretically straightforward, it’s not uncommon for difficult family law issues to complicate matters. Let our law firm help you through this process.

Should You Just Let the Legal System Take Its Course?

In many cases, people think that they should just let the legal system run its course. After all, Arizona statutes are fairly in-depth regarding family law matters. This leads many to think that only one outcome is possible. However, this is far from reality. In truth, there’s no way to predict how a judge will rule on divorce issues. If you just sit back and accept any eventual outcome as unavoidable, you could end up with an unfair division of assets and debts, unfavorable child custody orders, and other adverse outcomes.

In fact, more severe cases result in abusers having access to children. This is a tragic possibility in the divorce process, and in many instances, it’s wholly unavoidable. This is true with many other matters that arise when a marriage is irretrievably broken. While Arizona law may be straightforward, it leaves a lot of room for judicial discretion. Additionally, it’s possible that a final order will be based on incomplete or false information. Strive not to let this happen.

Whether you’re going through a contested or uncontested divorce, there are ways to improve your odds of coming out on top. Then again, it might be possible to avoid an adversarial approach. Every Glendale, AZ, divorce attorney at our firm has experience mediating agreements between parents and former partners. If you believe a court order was unfair or no longer appropriate, an experienced lawyer can help you seek a modification. Put simply, there are ways to secure a better outcome.

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Arizona family law attorneys see a lot in their professions. On a good day, they can help former partners agree to a mutually beneficial outcome. In some cases, this is even possible when tempers are high at first — since many people eventually realize that an adversarial approach can be more stressful and expensive than necessary. However, Glendale family law doesn’t always work out in such a manner. If you’re involved in a contested divorce, legal representation is even more important.

At The Turner Law Firm, many of our attorneys have more than a decade of legal experience. This means you’ll be hard-pressed to find a law firm with more knowledgeable professionals on staff. No matter the perceived simplicity or difficulty of your family law issue, we can help you decide the best path forward. Contact us today by calling 480-568-5590 to schedule your consultation. Our divorce lawyers in Glendale, AZ, are here to assist.